Tina Jezorski, a skilled jewellery designer, inherited her artistic talents from her father, Guðbrandur J. Jezorski, who founded a distinguished goldsmith’s workshop and store on December 12, 1966. The store is located at Laugarvegur 48 in Reykjavík’s center.

Since 1999, Tina has been an integral part of her father’s legacy, working closely by his side. Today, she stands as the driving force behind the business.

Distinguishing their establishment is a commitment to on-site craftsmanship, ensuring that each creation is a distinctive and unparalleled expression of Icelandic artistry—no duplicates exist.

Beyond traditional jewellery, Tina has  expanded into the realm of wall art. Employing a unique approach, she seamlessly melds traditional wall art with gold and silver textures, crafting visual narratives that vividly capture Iceland’s natural forces. This unique fusion harmoniously connects her profound passion for Icelandic nature with her innate talent for artistic expression.

The result is a captivating collection of wall art that resonates not only with art enthusiasts worldwide but also exemplifies the quintessence of Icelandic design. Just as with their jewellery, each piece stands as a singular masterpiece, ensuring that no two images alike grace the walls of this exceptional Icelandic design haven.

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