Born and raised in Michigan, Tina Essmaker is a Brooklyn-based editor, interviewer, and writer.

As Editor in Chief and cofounder of The Great Discontent, a publication of in-depth conversations with today's artists, makers, and risk-takers, Tina embraces her curiosity and poses questions that illuminate the creative life.

Since August 2011, Tina has interviewed over 200 individuals for The Great Discontent’s various mediums, including the web, print, live events, and a podcast. Some of her most memorable subjects to date include Tavi Gevinson, Krista Tippett, David Bazan, Debbie Millman, and Leon Bridges.

Prior to her current pursuits, Tina earned a Bachelor of Social Work from Wayne State University in Detroit and spent over a decade working with runaway and homeless youth in Michigan. During those years, she learned the key to great dialogue: you must listen.


Photo by Meredith Jenks